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The Scrub Ninjas® offer an array of test prep options for premed students studying for the MCAT’s, and High School students on the premed track studying for the AP Biology and AP Psychology exams.

We are the first ever test prep company to create video game apps for spaced learning!

Developing for the visual learner is important to us, that is why we have also developed online courses, to pair with the video game apps.

Our goal is simple, we want to create a variety of test prep options, for freestyle learners.

A modern test prep for learning through rapid recall and repetition, a mobile study companion.

So, conquer your exams by playing this action-packed video game designed to make learning fun.

You can study alone, with groups, or online. It’s your choice!

Our content is tailor-made for the MCAT & AP Exams (A full range of high yield questions like the actual exam) based on the content guidelines from the AAMC.

Awaken the mind with the Scrub Ninjas® and arm yourself with epic surgical infused ninja weapons, battle arenas and masks. This visually stimulating game will help you retain high yield content and increase your hand-eye coordination at the same time, so game on Ninjas!

The Scrub Ninjas® develop eLearning tools for every type of learner. Try our “gamified” test prep video game apps, or test your knowledge through our online courses.  We are here to support you on your journey to becoming the next future doctors of America, or students on the STEM or PREMED track.

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Flashcards gamified! Try our video game apps for the MCAT and AP!

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MCAT (PREMED) & AP Courses

MCAT (PREMED) & AP Courses

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MCAT (PREMED) & AP Resources

MCAT & AP Resources

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Flashcards Gamified!

Awaken the Mind & Retain!

The Benefits of Gamification:

When we are calm, having fun, or stimulating the mind, we are releasing endorphins. When we release these endorphins we are actually increasing our abilities to retain information.  Endorphins are also neurotransmitters, which send signals between neurons creating a sense of excitement.

So, gamification becomes a beneficial, as well as an exciting way to learn. This makes learning not only fun, but an interactive experience in any environment. 

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Scrub Ninjas® APP Overview

Here is a quick overview of the game. Choose your ninjas, Akahana (female) or Benjirou (male). Then browse through our battle arenas! The Scalpel’s Sunset Gate, Cursed Shurken Lake, The Surgical Dojo and Necropsy Shores. 

After you have chosen your ninja, and battle arena, you will head to the surgical armory, and choose from a wide array of Japanese infused surgical weapons.

Featuring the sacred surgical axe, post mortem kama, and the Naginata to name a few!

The next step is choosing your mask, inspired by the sacred artistry of traditional Japanese masks like the Kabuki, and Anbu.

When you have armed your ninja, you are ready to play! Depending on which game or bundle you purchased, your screen will open to a levels and sections screen.

Choose wisely, and game on ninjas! Medical school awaits you! 

  • Customize ninjas, masks, weapons and battle arenas.

  • Slice through answers, movement helps with retention!

  • Study through spaced-learning; condensed learning through repetition.

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Online Version for Test Prep: Multiple Choice Questions

We at Scrub Ninjas® understand that everyone learns and retains differently. Some of us like a calm environment, some of us like a more traditional way of study, and some of us just want variety. So, we have created an online test prep version set up like a quiz.

A question bank full of thousands of multiple-choice test questions for your premed and High School AP exam review. These test prep courses were designed to take at your leisure, within your time frame.

You can also study alone, with friends, or in a classroom environment! It has been requested by our customers who have purchased our apps, that we create a slower paced test prep as a companion to the fast-paced video game prep.

So now you have multiple ways to study for your exams, and maximize your retention on the go!


Raven Meyers Educator | App Developer

Teresa ‘Raven’ Meyers

Founder & Creative Director

Scrub Ninjas® is a product developed by Global eLearning Solutions LLC, a company founded by Raven and her husband Matteo. She has 25+ years’ experience in education technology, instructional design, and development. Her focus has been to support educators and tomorrow’s change makers through eLearning and conscious business practices. Seen as an industry leader in game based learning, and visual storytelling, Raven and Matteo plan on modernizing test prep globally, together.

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